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Black Clay Coffee Mug

Black Clay Coffee Mug


Handcrafted in Mexico using black clay, these Coffee Mugs feature a playful design, making them a unique handcrafted gift for employees and clients—a delightful conversation starter.


The different coloured clay, techniques, and firing processes vary around the state of Oaxaca, making each piece a unique work of art


Your purchase supports a Latina-owned business and creates employment in the local community, ensuring artisans earn a fair living wage in safe working conditions.




  • Available in various sizes
  • Sold individually

M.A Studio, based in Mexico, is a collaborative project that creates unique pieces  handmade alongside artisans who specialize in keeping ancestral heritage alive.

Inspired by traditions, community work, crafts, the social economy, native beliefs,  education and local knowledge, our studio embodies a fusion of culture and creativity. 

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