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Upcycled Mini Planter

Upcycled Mini Planter


This Upcycled Mini Planter, handwoven by women artisans in Guatemala, adds a pop of color to any space while promoting sustainability.


Crafted from upcycled plastic bottles, it represents a creative solution to reduce waste. Ideal as appreciation gifts for employees, this planter not only offers a stylish way to show recognition but also aligns with eco-friendly values.


Each piece, with its vibrant colors and unique design, is a testament to skilled craftsmanship




  • Mini planter made of 97% recycled materials
  • Measurements:  5.5" D x 6" H /13.97  D x 15.24 H cm

Your purchase helps skilled artisans in Guatemala create beautifuly designed handmade products produced with the environment in mind.

Fibra LaMulticolor’s Social impact:

  • Employment of 375 people, from plastic weavers, to leather artisans as well as administrative staff
  • Products produced in an ecofriendly manner by repurposing plastic waste; made of “97% post-consumer certified recycled plastic HDPE (High Density Polyethylene”
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