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  • Teresa Roncero

The Best Ceramic Mugs, the Search is Over!

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Hi there,

I never thought I'd be writing about corporate mugs, but while exploring corporate gift ideas, I noticed something interesting: the search for ceramic mugs is still going strong.

As you start thinking about holiday gifts for employees and clients, it seems that the time-honored coffee mug is staying in the spotlight as a solid choice.

Why can this be? It is certainly not the flashiest option, especially in a world filled with the latest gadgets and luxury treats. But here's the thing; coffee (and of course tea!) is a comfort and something that powers us, soothes, or grounds us throughout any given day. It’s a constant.

With more employees working remotely these days, a coffee mug is a great business gift that your employees will frequently use and can help maintain a sense of connection to the company.

Now the question is, how do we make them even more memorable and carry a message that is aligned with your company’s values?

Ceramic Mugs from Women-Owned Businesses

When it comes to business gifting, we often find ourselves surrounded by a sea of generic items that hardly leave a lasting impression. These uninspired and often mass-produced choices tend to fade into the background, failing to evoke any real sense of connection or appreciation.

However in a world where the need for connection and meaning is only growing , redefining the purpose of corporate gifting becomes essential . It's not just about handing out gifts; it's about aligning your company's values with social causes that matter to today's conscientious employees and clients.

Gifts that Inspire Change

This is where choosing gifts with a social impact come into play. They allow you to align your corporate gifting with key core values like diversity & inclusion, ethical and responsible sourcing, and sustainability. By opting for these unique corporate gifts, you are giving something your employees will use with pride and purpose.

Moreover, your choice contributes to advancing gender equality. 10 Million Women has established a global network of female entrepreneurs, simplyfing the process for companies to empower and promote women-owned businesses.

Let's explore some sustainable gifts that your employees and clients are sure to love :)

Quirky Coffee Mug Ideas

Your purchase support Latina-owned businesses and creates employment in the local community, ensuring artisans earn a fair living wage in safe working conditions.

Red Clay Ceramic Mugs. Quirky coffee cups. Employee appreciation gift
Red Clay Ceramic Mugs


Handcrafted in Mexico using red clay, with a playful design, making them a unique gift for employees and clients—a great conversation starter!

Pre-hispanic firing at open sky. The work process involves: excavation and mud collection, sun-drying, preparation, modeling, polishing, burning and painting.

Available in different sizes and in black

Michelin Inspired ceramic mug. Unique corporate gifts
Michelin Ceramic Mug

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Michelin Man, this Ceramic Mug is skillfully crafted by artisans in Mexico.

A sought-after choice for showing employee appreciation, this mug comes in various sizes.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, and lead free

Ceramic Mugs. Gifts that inspire change
Custom Coffee Mug


Handmade in Amatenango del Valle, Mexico a vibrant village known for its pottery tradition.

This set showcases a charming white finish that reflects the region's unique style. It beautifully blends indigenous techniques with a modern touch.

Each piece carries the heart and soul of the village's heritage – from locally sourced clay to the designs hand- painted by skilled artisans.

Geometrical  Ceramic Coffee mugs. Handmade corporate gifts
Personalised Coffee Cups

This set of two handcrafted ceramic coffee cups is perfect for employee appreciation gifts. Made from high temperature stoneware. these cups come in various colors to match your corporate branding

Available in 2/8/12 oz. Microwave and dishwasher safe, and lead free.

These beautiful tumblers, crafted with love and care by a community of artisans and designers in Mexico, are ideal for your favorite hot or cold drinks. With a simple yet captivating design in earthy colours, they are an excellent choice for client gifts.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, and lead free.

But What About Branding?

When it comes to corporate gifts, the inclusion of logos is a decision that comes with its own set of pros and cons.

On one hand, incorporating your company's logo onto the gift can serve as a powerful branding tool. It reinforces your brand identity, increases brand recall, and boosts overall visibility. Plus, it can create a sense of unity among recipients, fostering a sense of belonging.

On the flip side, excessive logo use might dilute the personal touch of the gift and can come across as overly promotional. Balancing subtlety with effective branding is key.

We encourage clients to utilize branding strategically, such as discreetly at the bottom of cups or by attaching a card or tag to cup handles, personalized with a meaningful message. This way, your gift remains an authentic token of appreciation while subtly reminding recipients of your brand's essence.

Deciding Between Two: Mugs or Pens ?

What is a better choice, promotional mugs or pens?. This question comes up quite frequently, and I'm not entirely certain if there's a definitive answer. I would say that it depends on the social impact that each of these options carries.

Is it Sustainable?

Often, we find ourselves encouraging clients to consider their choice through the lens of sustainability. This involves considering factors such as the makers, materials used (including plastic content), and whether the items contribute positively or negatively to the growing waste issue.

Why Gifting with 10 Million Women?

In today's busy world, finding the right business gift with a social impact can be overwhelming.

Our Concierge Gifting service makes it easy. We handle everything from finding great gifts to delivering. We'll create custom boxes from women-owned businesses to match your vision. Our collection includes unique eco-friendly products and merchandise made ethically.

But there is more to it. We are on a mission to empower women entrepreneurs and make a positive social impact with our gift choices.

We would love to hear from you. Do you have a favourite mug? Are you all about the brand or prefer things unbranded? Pens or mugs, which speaks to you more?

Leave your comments below, we're all ears!

Give a gift. Inspire change

Warmly, Teresa


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Amazing gifts, a great cause!

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Coolest gifts helping women-owned biz!!🔥

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