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Pino Grigio in an award-winning box design. Unique Corporate Gifts

Pinot Grigio Box of Wine


Top quality Pino Grigio on tap, meaning you can enjoy a glass (or two!) without opening a whole bottle. Plus, it's the sustainable option too, with each box producing 90% less CO2 than the same wine in glass bottles.


This Pinot Grigio was made by third-generation winemaker, Arrigo Bidoli. It comes from the oldest winery in Friuli, a region in the far North East of Italy.  


The unique design of the box, inspired by William Morris during his visit to North East Italy, makes it the perfect employee appreciation gift.


Your purchase supports a women-owned business in the UK 



  • 2.25 litres = 3 bottles | £11.66 per bottle
  • Flavours: Lemon zest, white peach, cantaloupe melon
  • Body: Light
  • Dryness: Medium Dry 
  • MOQ: 6 wine boxes


Laylo simplifies environmentally conscious drinking with delicious wine that stays fresh for six weeks in eco-friendly packaging. This UK female owned business is  committed to reducing our impact further, addressing the issue of wine wastage.

In the UK alone, over 620 million bottles of wine go to waste annually, equivalent to filling over 5,000 swimming pools. 

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