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On our journey to 10 Million Women, we are working with 9,200 women in 19 countries

10 Million Women has created a global community of female entrepreneurs with a common shared vision: to contribute to positive change in society. We are proud to partner with a range of social entrepreneurs - from new ventures to established Certified B corporations – who support our social causes.

migrant WOMEN

Creating sustainable employment opportunities for migrant women

Your purchase elevates migrant women from aid recipients to artisans and provides hope and steady employment opportunities, employment that helps them develop the skills necessary to achieve greater independence and create pathways to support their families and communities.


Lifting artisan women out of poverty

Our artisans are talented women from culturally vibrant yet economically disadvantaged communities in countries like Mexico, Nepal and India. Each artisan gift is geared to make a meaningful and positive impact helping to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Colectivo_fanel reyes - cooperativa somo

Human trafficking

Providing viable alternative employment opportunities for women trapped in slavery

Modern-day slavery leaves women feeling exploited and in despair without any prospect of escaping their confinement. Your purchase helps provide employment, healthcare, a living wage and education to women trapped in the sex trade.


Providing lasting employment opportunities for artisan communities by revitalising traditional crafts

Our artisans weave unique textiles and ceramics that reflect their history and the diversity of their culture. Your purchase helps preserve heritage crafts and provides apprenticeships to younger generations, transferring the skills from one generation to another.

Employment inclusion

Supporting mental health and disabilities

Traditional work is challenging for vulnerable individuals dealing with mental health and disabilities. Your gift provides women facing these difficulties with opportunities to learn new skills.


Contributing to gender equality

According to UNESCO estimates, 132 million young women around the world do not receive an education. Your gift will help sustain the necessary education programmes for these women and children in developing countries or communities affected by conflict.


Offering sustainable gifts that respect the environment

We offer ethically made and sustainable corporate gifts from our women-owned/led network that adheres to fair pay and production practices. Your gift supports artisans producing fair trade products which utilise locally sourced materials of their countries.

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