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Pebble-Shaped Soap Gift Set

Pebble-Shaped Soap Gift Set


This Pebble-Shaped Soap Gift Set is the perfect corporate gift. Crafted with natural ingredients, it includes three luxurious soap bars resting on a volcanic stone dish.


Each bar has a unique scent and purpose: Palmarosa for rejuvenation, Rosemary, Mint, and Tea Tree for calming, and Bergamot for purification.


Pamper your employees with this unique gift and promote wellness in the workplace.




  • Soap Dish (Diameter): 4.9” (13cm)
  • Height: 1” (3cm) Weight: 1lb (0.45kg)

Coolpebbles collaborates with many different Mexican artisans who excel in their crafts, creating varied home décor accessories. Their mission is to help find happiness in life’s little moments, by creating perfect objects that can lessen the stress generated by our fast-moving world.

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