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Crochet Tote Bag. Crafted with Natural Fique Fibers

Crochet Tote Bag. Crafted with Natural Fique Fibers


This handwoven tote bag, crafted by women artisans in Colombia, makes the perfect conference speaker gift.


Using ancestral crochet techniques and sustainable local fibers like natural fique, each unique piece takes 2 days to create.


Choose your brand color and support a Latina-owned business while preserving local traditions.




  • Fique natural fiber
  • Size: L 40cm /15.74 in; H: 35cm/13.77 in; W 14cm/5.51 in
  • Straps L: 60cm
  • Weight: 470grs

Working in close collaboration with the artisans communities in Colombia, our partners co-create modern designs, using ancestral techniques like crocheting and loom weaving that help preserve the artisans’ culture and identity.

Their timeless designs place a lot of value on the process, the patience, and the beauty of handmade work, and are obtained by striking a careful balance between tradition and innovation.

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