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White Clay Teapot

White Clay Teapot


This beautiful Chij Clay Teapot is crafted by the skilled hands of women artisans from Amatenango del Valle, Mexico.


Each teapot is carefully hand-painted and glazed to create a unique and eye-catching design. The white finish is the unmistakable signature of the Amatenango pottery tradition.


With every purchase, you support the hard work of Mexican artisans, keeping alive the pottery tradition of their community.


Talk to our Gift Concierge for further sustainable gifts from women-owned businesses that align with your company values




  • Made from: Clay 
  • Measurement 28x16x17 cm | 750 ml



Your purchase helps a collective of artisans from Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas in Mexico use their skills, steeped in tradition, to create innovative handmade products. 

Colectivo 1050° ’s Social impact:

  • Over 50 artisans employed, providing a source of economic stability while providing an employment model that promotes equitable practices.

  • Collaborative educational opportunities for artisans and other members of local communities

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