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Tequila Shot, Salt, and Wood Tray Gift Set

Tequila Shot, Salt, and Wood Tray Gift Set



This Tequila Shot gift set is the ideal present for any tequila enthusiast. All pieces are meticulously crafted by  artisans in Mexico, making it a wonderful choice for employee appreciation gifts.


Your purchase supports a Latina-owned business and creates employment opportunities for artisans in Mexico.




Includes: 4 tequila shot glasses, 1 hard wood tray, 1 cup holder, 1 teaspoon and 2 salt tubes (50g each) worm and grasshopper salt flavours.



Your purchase helps create handmade products that are produced sustainably and reflect Mexican heritage.

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  • Supports vulnerable groups and ethically sources materials.
  • Creates organic products free of bleaches, chemicals and preservatives.
  • Uses reusable packaging, paper labels & natural cork.
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