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Mug  & Saucer Coffee Gift Set

Mug & Saucer Coffee Gift Set


Handmade in Amatenango del Valle, Mexico a vibrant village known for its pottery tradition.


This set showcases a charming white finish that reflects the region's unique style. It beautifully blends indigenous techniques with a modern touch.


Each piece carries the heart and soul of the village's heritage – from locally sourced clay to the designs hand- painted by skilled artisans.




  • Dimensions: Mug 3 ”x5.5” / 8.5 oz and saucer 4 ”
  • Gift set includes: mug and saucer 


Your purchase helps a collective of artisans from Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas in Mexico use their skills, steeped in tradition, to create innovative handmade products. 


Colectivo 1050° ’s impact:


  • Over 50 artisans employed, providing a source of economic stability while providing an employment model that promotes equitable practices.

  • Collaborative educational opportunities for artisans and other members of local communities

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