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Handmade Organic Cotton Table Runner

Handmade Organic Cotton Table Runner


These table runners provide a soft and delicate touch, serving as an eye-catching detail for any dinner table. They come with accent tassels and are available in two sizes, catering to both smaller and larger dinner tables.


Crafted from organic cotton and using natural dyes, these runners are meticulously handmade by women artisans in Colombia.


Ideal for those seeking sustainable corporate gifts for conscious employees and clients.




  • Medium Size: 18" x 70"/ 45cm x 177cm
  • 100% organic cotton and 100% naturally dyed


Your purchase helps artisan women from rural Colombia sustain employment through the creation of ancestral designs rooted in fair-trade values.

Zuahaza’s impact:

  • Nearly 40 women consistently employed enabling them to support themselves and their families
  • Eco-friendly production process that yields minimal waste, with aspirations to become a zero-production waste company in the near future
  • Connecting women from across Colombia, creating a network of sisterhood committed to making products that reflect the rich Colombian cultural heritage
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