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Trinket Trays - Set of 2

Trinket Trays - Set of 2


This set of 2 hand trays are handcrafted and painted by talented women artisans in Mexico.


They are made with terracotta clay and are decorated with unique vegetable pigments that give the trays a deep brown finish. The artisans apply the pigments right after the trays emerge from the kiln at a temperature close to 900°C, using a special ink made from cactus and oak bark.


These trays are the perfect addition to your home decor and make excellent eco-friendly gifts.




  •     Big Hand: L 13 x W 10 cm (6 x 6 in)
  •     Small Hand: L 11 x W 9 cm (3 x 3 in)

Your purchase helps a collective of artisans from Oaxaca, Puebla and Chiapas in Mexico use their skills, steeped in tradition, to create innovative handmade products. 

Colectivo 1050° ’s  Social impact:

  • Over 50 artisans employed, providing a source of economic stability while providing an employment model that promotes equitable practices.

  • Collaborative educational opportunities for artisans and other members of local communities

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