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Organic Muslin Throw. Designed by women artisans in USA

Organic Muslin Throw. Designed by women artisans in USA


Indulge in the ultimate comfort with our irresistibly soft throw. Crafted with the finest materials, this luxurious blanket is designed to provide a plush and cozy experience like no other.


The breathable fabric ensures optimal comfort, while the organic dyeing process unveils a subtle and sophisticated color palette. Choose eco-conscious luxury with our softest throw, featuring organic dyes that preserve water quality.  Treat your clients and employees to the epitome of relaxation with this exquisite throw.


Your purchase supports a women-owned business in the US, creating employment opportunities and  in India.




  • Size: 82" x 64" after washing
  • Thickness: 4 layers of woven GOTS certified organic gauze, dyed organically
  • Grown organically withouth pesticides or harmful chemicals on any step of the process


Your purchase supports skilled artisans in India. Each beautifully designed blanket provides employment opportunities and empowers these artisans to showcase their craftsmanship.

Gray Heron's Social Impact: 

All Gray Heron’s muslin products are made of GOTS certified, fair trade cotton - grown without any pesticides and with low environmental impact.

Gray Heron fabric is woven out of our organic cotton thread, then cut and sewn by highly skilled craftspeople, who are not only paid a living wage, but have negotiating power and are provided lunch and dinner compliments of the mill.

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